Bylt First Responder Discount

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bylt first responder discount

First responders and military personnel can get a bylt first responder discount when purchasing a BYLT product from the Company’s website. This will help them save money while enjoying the benefits of the products.

Bylt’s product line is a good fit for first responders because it contains no caffeine, no sugar and fewer calories than competing sports drinks like Gatorade and PowerAde. It’s also a great alternative for diabetic athletes and others who wish to reduce their sugar consumption.

Marketing and Sales

The Company will market its products through direct sales channels to distributors, retail stores, health clubs and corporate gyms. These relationships will enable the Company to gain access to consumers who are already interested in sports and performance drinks, which can lead to lucrative business leads for the Company.

SEO and Google AdWords

The Company’s online presence is important to the success of its business, so it will invest in an aggressive search engine optimization strategy. This will include using relevant keywords in the Company’s content pages to rank higher in search results.

Internet searches are the most common way to find information on the Internet, so the Company will also pursue a search engine advertising strategy by creating targeted pop-ups and banner ads through Google AdWords. The Company can select the type of ad and the geographical radius in which it will appear, which increases its ability to reach potential customers.

Social Media and E-Commerce

The Company will use its website to generate interest in its product by incorporating customer feedback quotes, social media accounts and links to the Company’s ecommerce store. The website also features a “FAQ” page and a “Contact Us” page, so that consumers can easily contact the Company with any questions or concerns they may have.