KIA First Responder Discount

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kia first responder discount

Many auto manufacturers provide discounts to first responders like police officers, firefighters and healthcare workers as a token of gratitude for all they do in service to society. Some companies even provide incentives such as Kia First Responder Discounts at dealerships such as Generation KIA in Bohemia New York offering veterans and first responders 2021 Kia K5s at $500 off MSRP!

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, many are searching for ways to support those who put themselves on the line to protect their community. First responders have become targets of theft due to software flaws exploited on social media; several carmakers have responded by developing anti-theft technologies which prevent vehicles from being stolen without keys being present.

Kia Optima owners now benefit from an enhanced security feature which stops thieves using USB cords to gain entry. Furthermore, this system can detect when keys are being used and notify owners immediately as well as send alerts if thefts attempt to use GPS tracking to find their targets.

Kia and Hyundai drivers will benefit from free access to this technology as part of an update for the 2022 model year, making it a popular option among law enforcement, firefighter, and emergency medical personnel. Kia is also working on other security features including driver-facing camera with live video streaming as well as audible warning.