Nike First Responder Discount

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nike outlet first responder discount

Nike is offering a discount to first responders, healthcare workers and military members as a way of saying thank you. Simply sign up with SheerID to verify your employment status and you’ll receive a promo code that can be applied to your Nike account.

Nike provides a 10% discount to doctors, nurses, technicians, medical researchers, EMTs, firefighters and law enforcement officers. You may use the coupon up to four times each month with a new code being given out every 30 days.

Discounts are always beneficial when purchasing items, but they’re especially helpful for those working long shifts and in need of new clothes or shoes. Here are some retailers that provide discounts to these workers – from comfortable shoe brands like Dansko to apparel designed with frontline workers in mind (like Dickies).

Tread Labs: Upgrade your footwear with orthotic insoles from Tread Labs, who offer 15% off for healthcare workers. They have a range of styles and sizes available, from casual sneakers to work boots.

LL Bean: For a comfy outfit to wear on your days off, LL Bean has plenty of nursing apparel that’s 10% off for healthcare professionals. Additionally, they carry plenty of great shoes from popular brands like Hoka and Dansko, too!

Untuckit: Nurses or medical professionals working in nursing homes will love this site’s unique shirts designed for untucking. Plus, it has plenty of great accessories designed specifically with nursing home workers like hats and gloves.