Nissan First Responder Discount

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Nissan first responder discounts are designed to express our gratitude for their selfless service to communities. Automakers offer these discounts for both employees and family members of first responders as a token of our thanks for their dedication. Programs like this exist across various new carmakers; while some discounts may only be available at certain dealerships or through specific websites or phone numbers. You can learn more by checking with either company directly, or reaching out directly.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, carmakers across the world have had to adjust their business strategies in response to increased online sales. One noticeable result has been an explosion of cars sold through dealership websites; for instance in China total vehicle sales via these websites increased 11% year-on-year while showroom sales rose 4-5% over this timeframe.

As buyers are becoming more comfortable purchasing vehicles online rather than at traditional showrooms, the trend has only intensified. A general manager at a Nissan dealership in Guangzhou who requested not to be identified due to sensitivity stated that in recent months 30% of all car purchases made through her store had been purchased online – an enormous shift compared to just 20% being done so in previous years.