Oakley Canada First Responder Discount

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oakley canada first responder discount

Are You an Officer or First Responder Looking for Oakley Discounts? Oakley Standard Issue (Oakley SI) membership provides access to discounts on Oakley products for frontline soldiers and first responders through Oakley Standard Issue program (Oakley SI). Designed exclusively for military members, police officers, firefighters, EMTs and other government employees with access to special rates like deep discounts on sunglasses and ballistic boots as well as military grade sunglasses and ballistic boots; civilians can purchase Oakley gear through its standard website but won’t receive these special discounts.

Oakley Canada First Responder Discount

Oakley’s military and first responder discount is easy to take advantage of if you qualify, with just three simple steps required for joining. Simply register with their program, verify your military or government ID card, view pricing information, and place orders. After being approved, once registered you can even add multiple items without needing to log back in each time!

Not Just Oakley Offers Discounts to First Responders

In addition to Oakley, other companies like Peloton, Ozark Armament and Reebok also provide first responder discounts. RCMP personnel can save up to 50% off services provided by Dunn Right Home Inspection; to apply visit their RCMP Appreciation Program website and verify eligibility through SheerID.

Keep an eye out for seasonal sales as well. Oakley Black Friday and Memorial Day sales can provide discounts of up to 70%. Klarna allows customers to save upfront by splitting purchases into four equal payments (with the first due upfront), free for military members and government employees.