Traeger Grill First Responder Discount

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traeger grill first responder discount

Traeger Grill First Responder Discount offers active duty military members, fire personnel and police personnel special savings when purchasing from this retailer. Not typically found among their offers, this one was created specifically to thank these individuals for their dedication and service to their nation.

Retail brand best known for wood pellet grills using natural wood to produce a smoky taste and used to cook foods such as steak and burgers. Also offered is outdoor grilling equipment like smokers, griddles and BBQ accessories.

Since 1985, this company has sold its products both online and in retail locations throughout North America. Their website boasts thousands of recipes, product reviews and videos as well as expert tips on grilling, smoking, baking and roasting.

According to CEO Jeremy Andrus, Traeger is now widely associated with wood pellet grilling experiences and stands as an icon for quality and value in this space. He sees Traeger in an ideal position to continue leading this market as it expands their offerings and adapts with consumer needs.

Staying abreast of the latest news and promotions from Traeger requires following them on social media. In addition to special offers, consumers can also receive recipe spotlights or enter giveaways to win free products! If any problems arise with their grill, Traeger’s customer service representatives are on hand to assist.