Weight Watchers First Responder Discount

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weight watchers first responder discount

Weight Watchers provides first responder discounts to members and free trials for friends. In addition, there are various special offers and promotions from Weight Watchers on packaged foods, exercise equipment and kitchen tools; often without needing a Weight Watchers coupon code! Plus there are various giveaways such as travel mugs and candle sets!

Weight Watchers uses an online system that calculates and tracks caloric intake. Members track food and activity using an app and website with features like barcode scanner, restaurant items and over 5,000 recipes – in addition to tracking their food and activity they meet weekly with other members to share progress and share support.

While some nutritionists vouch for Weight Watchers as an effective weight-loss plan, others caution it can trigger eating disorders in people who already struggle with this. Therefore, it’s wise to consult a physician prior to beginning any new diet or weight-loss plan.

Many companies are providing Weight Watchers-inspired incentives to employees as an incentive to lose weight through Weight Watchers, with benefits ranging from partially subsidizing program fees to discounts on health insurance premiums if a certain number of meetings are attended. This trend may increase popularity; it remains to be seen if it will make Weight Watchers more profitable or competitive with programs providing frozen meals or weight-loss coaching services.