Amazon Offers a First Responder Discount on Ring Cameras

ring camera first responder discount

Amazon is offering a discount on Ring cameras for first responders.

Firefighters, police officers and other emergency personnel can save up to 12% off the usual price on Ring Spotlight Cams. These HD-quality doorbell cameras also work with Alexa and compatible Echo devices so you can receive motion-activated alerts on your smart device.

Ring cameras are an effective way to safeguard your home and family, but you need to ensure you choose the right one for your requirements. For instance, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro offers pre-event video capture, night vision capabilities and more for added peace of mind.

For security-minded homeowners who like to be prepared in any scenario, this model has a sleek appearance and 1080p HD image quality.

In addition to the video doorbell, Ring offers other home security products like floodlights and “Stick Up” cameras that attach indoor/ outdoor surfaces, as well as solar panels for charging camera batteries. All come with a smartphone app so you can monitor your property even when you’re not home.

Law enforcement departments across America have formed partnerships with Ring to give them access to its “Law Enforcement Neighborhood Portal.” This portal allows law enforcement officers to see a map of all Ring devices in an area and request footage directly from users.

These partnerships don’t limit how often police can request footage from Ring devices, but they do require that someone consents to having their footage shared with police before the request is made.