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Explore our “Clothing + Gear” category, designed for first responders who demand durability and style. Here, you’ll find a curated selection of discounts on high-quality apparel and equipment. From uniforms and tactical gear suited for duty, to casual wear and accessories for off-duty hours, we cover a wide range of products. Whether you’re in need of rugged outdoor clothing or comfortable, everyday attire, this section ensures you’re well-equipped without overspending.

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man sitting on the ledge of a building wearing nike shoes


Nike, an American company, designs, develops, produces, markets, and sells <a href="">shoes</a>, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services on a…


J.Crew is offering a special discount to first responders as a token of gratitude for their tireless work…
Warby Parker

Warby Parker 💵

Warby Parker is a renowned eyewear company that aims to provide affordable,‍ fashionable glasses to everyone. Their extensive…
Spy Optic Block Limited Edition

Spy Optic

Are ​you ⁤a first responder looking for some ​cool gear? Look no⁤ further! Spy, ‍the renowned eyewear‍ and…
Hoka One Tor Ultra Low

Hoka 💵

We regret to report that our search for a first responder discount at Hoka has come up short.…
person wearing white rubber clog crocs


Crocs, ‍the popular footwear brand known⁣ for their comfortable and lightweight <a href="">shoes</a>, recognizes and appreciates ⁣the hard work…


Lululemon is an athletic apparel company that sells yoga-inspired clothing and accessories. Their goods are offered for sale…