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The “Health + Fitness” category is designed for first responders who prioritize their well-being. Here, you’ll find discounts on gym memberships, fitness equipment, wellness programs, and nutritional supplements. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or starting your wellness journey, this section supports your health goals while being mindful of your budget.

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Duke Cannon Soaps

Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon is a company that knows the importance of honoring and supporting our first responders. They understand​…
person wearing black garmin digital watch


At Garmin, the dedication and courage of first responders don’t go unnoticed. They’ve introduced an exclusive discount program…
yellow thorne medication pills in persons hand


Thorne’s first responder discount is more than just a special offer; it’s a thank you for their continuous…


Walgreens, a leading pharmacy retail chain in the <a href="">United</a> States, has announced a significant initiative to <a href="">express</a> its…