AMC First Responder Discount Introduces Sightline Pricing Structure

amc first responder discount has adopted an unconventional strategy in an attempt to rejuvenate its business, taking a different tack than most theater chains: price increases that make seats in the middle and upper sections more costly than those nearer the front of auditorium – this process is known as Sightline pricing model similar to concerts, sporting events and airlines ticket pricing models.

The company will start rolling out its new pricing structure at approximately 40 locations in New York, Chicago and Kansas City markets to test how it performs before expanding it nationwide over the course of several months.

Change can be risky for a theater chain which relies heavily on moviegoers to survive, particularly during times like pandemic pandemic. Box office revenue has suffered and people tend to avoid large indoor spaces. Recent months have been particularly tenuous financially for this company and may lead to losses through 2022 if current trends remain unchanged.

AMC says its new pricing system won’t affect Stubs A-List members and will still offer front row discounts to anyone with valid ID, yet critics contend it will price out many people from one of America’s fundamental pastimes. Furthermore, analysts note it as evidence of theater industry disregard for audiences.