Arby’s Offers First Responder Discount

arbys first responder discount

Orland Park Arby’s owner Faisal Merchant is offering first responders and medical workers in his community free sandwiches as a thank-you during the coronavirus pandemic. This offer runs from Monday, April 27 to Saturday, May 2 at their 15765 S. Harlem Ave location; The Orland Park Patch reports this as one of many in Orland Park offering this discount this week.

Many of us marvel at the brave men and women who serve our communities, yet many first responders face daily risks in doing so. From responding to emergency calls or administering lifesaving resuscitation shots, to offering comfort to grieving relatives or providing comfort during times of need – first responders serve our communities tirelessly and are an inspiration to all. In recognition of these incredible people’s tireless service to humanity, these restaurants are offering discounts for first responder employees!

Arby’s Issues Apology for Employee’s Death in Freezer On Thursday evening, Nexstar’s KLFY reported that an Arby’s manager in New Iberia, Louisiana was found dead inside its walk-in freezer, according to KLFY reports. On Friday morning, however, she was officially identified by Iberia Parish Coroner but her identity wasn’t released immediately.

Arby’s fired their manager and suspended one of their drive-thru workers following complaints by police officers regarding mix-up.

Arby’s employees in South Florida reportedly told Sergeant Jennifer Martin they didn’t wish to serve her while wearing her uniform, due to being police officers. Arby’s apologized for what they called an unfortunate misunderstanding, suggesting it may have come about from an offhand joke gone bad.