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Boscov’s, a ⁤popular​ department store chain, understands the value ‍of our courageous ⁢first responders and⁢ aims to express their gratitude by offering a special discount exclusively for these selfless individuals. As a way to support those who risk their lives every day to keep our communities safe, Boscov’s first responder discount provides a token ‍of appreciation ‍and​ recognition​ for their service. With this discount, first ⁣responders can enjoy savings while shopping ​for a wide range ⁢of products at Boscov’s.

Boscov’s is a well-established retail company that has‍ been serving ⁣customers since 1914. With over ‌50 department stores across the United States, they carry a diverse range of products, ​including clothing, accessories, furniture, cosmetics, appliances, and more. Their mission is to‌ provide‍ customers with a delightful shopping experience and high-quality merchandise at affordable prices. Boscov’s commitment to excellence and‌ community support is further demonstrated through its first responder discount ​program.

To take advantage​ of the Boscov’s first responder discount, eligible individuals simply need ⁤to provide valid identification that confirms their status as a first responder. This‌ can be a work ID or badge, along with a ⁤photo ID. Once the verification is complete, ⁢first responders can enjoy exclusive savings on their purchases at any Boscov’s store or online. Whether they are shopping for themselves, their families, or even‍ looking to find comfortable and durable gear for their demanding professions,⁤ Boscov’s is dedicated‌ to recognizing and rewarding‌ the bravery and sacrifices made by our first responders.

In⁤ conclusion, Boscov’s first responder⁣ discount is a fantastic initiative that serves⁤ as a small token of ⁣appreciation for the tireless dedication and bravery of our ‍first responders. By⁢ offering exclusive ​savings on a wide range‍ of products, Boscov’s ensures that these selfless individuals can enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience while saving some money. With its longstanding reputation and commitment to customer satisfaction, Boscov’s has created a meaningful way to express gratitude towards ⁣those individuals who continually put their lives on the‍ line to keep our communities safe.


Q: What is Boscov’s First Responder ‍Discount?
A: Boscov’s First Responder Discount is a special ⁣program designed to show appreciation for the hard work and ‌dedication of our brave first responders.

Q: Who is eligible for the discount?
A: Eligible for the discount are ⁣active‍ and retired ⁣first‌ responders,‌ including police officers, firefighters,‌ paramedics, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs).

Q: How much discount can first responders receive?
A: First⁢ responders can enjoy⁤ a generous 15% discount ​off their total‍ in-store purchases⁢ at any Boscov’s location.

Q: Is the discount applicable to ⁢online ⁤purchases as well?
A: Unfortunately, the⁣ First ​Responder discount is currently only applicable for in-store purchases and is not available for ‌online⁣ shopping.

Q: How can first ⁣responders avail of ⁤the discount?
A: To​ avail the discount, first responders simply need to present their official identification or proof of service at the⁢ register when making their purchase.

Q: Are there any restrictions or limitations on using this discount?
A: The discount cannot be combined with other promotions, sales, or coupons. It is ⁣also important to note that the discount is only valid for the first responder and‌ cannot be used​ by family members⁢ or friends.

Q: Does the offer apply to all Boscov’s products and departments?
A: Yes, the discount is applicable to all regular-priced‍ items⁣ throughout the store, across all departments, including clothing, accessories, cosmetics, home goods, and more.

Q: Is the First Responder Discount⁤ only available ⁣during specific times of the‍ year?
A: ‌No, the First Responder Discount is available year-round, letting first responders save on their purchases whenever they need to shop at Boscov’s.

Q:‍ Can‍ retired first responders still benefit from this ⁣discount?
A: Absolutely! ​Retired first responders can take⁤ advantage of this discount as a token of appreciation for⁣ their​ past service.

Q: Can this discount be combined with ​other Boscov’s ‍discounts​ or promotions?
A: The First Responder Discount cannot be combined with any⁤ other discounts, promotions, or sales offers. It is a stand-alone discount exclusive to first responders.

Q: How long has Boscov’s been offering this discount?
A: Boscov’s ‍has been offering the First Responder Discount for many years⁤ as a way to express gratitude and admiration for ⁣the ⁢remarkable and selfless⁢ work of first ‍responders‍ in our communities.

Q: Are⁣ there ⁣any​ future‌ plans to enhance or expand the​ First Responder Discount program?
A: Boscov’s is ⁣always looking for ways to support⁣ and show appreciation to ⁢first‌ responders. While there are no specific details to⁣ share at this time, we are continuously evaluating and exploring opportunities for further support.