Carmax First Responder Discount

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carmax first responder discount

Saving money on a new car is easier by purchasing pre-owned. Benefits of purchasing used include low monthly payments and no interest. The most advantageous deals are often only available to well qualified buyers with good credit scores; new car buyers have been known to save as much as 40% or more off MSRP when they find an experienced dealer with good credentials.

General Motors brands such as Chevy, Buick and GMC are known for offering top-of-the-line vehicles at unbeatable prices. Furthermore, these manufacturers are known for their charitable philanthropy; some of their most laudable accomplishments include First Responder/Healthcare related programs which promote healthy driving habits and keep communities secure.

The Carmax first responder award-winning mascot is an esteemed member of the General Motors family. This large black cat with an impressive tail has a small but powerful brain and an infectious sense of humor.