DDP Yoga and the First Responder Discount

ddp yoga first responder discount

Diamond Dallas Page made his name delivering devastating DDTs in WWE wrestling matches; but now his impact on lives goes well beyond that arena. Former WWE superstar Diamond Dallas Page is now one of the nation’s leading fitness gurus with his DDP Yoga program that blends yoga flexibility with calisthenics muscle building workout. Page’s work in this realm has been recognized by numerous; among his biggest successes have been Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall who used DDP Yoga workout to overcome drug addiction respectively; along with testimonies online from disabled veterans who have found new ability to walk using DDP Yoga workout.

Page came up with his workout system after suffering an injury to his back. Combining therapeutic exercises with his own workout moves to get better, he ultimately implemented what is known as dynamic resistance – this technique sets DDP Yoga apart from traditional yoga, making it more inviting for people who may otherwise feel awkward attending regular yoga classes.

If you want to try DDP Yoga, sign up for a free trial and begin attending classes either online or at local gyms. Or buy the DVD set with 11 workouts designed to be done over 13 weeks – they promise fast-paced and challenging workouts, leaving your heart racing and lungs burning by session’s end – plus muscles soreness unlike traditional HIIT workouts would do!