Dunham’s First Responder Discount

dunhams first responder discount

No matter if you are a student, parent, or professional; finding the ideal first responder discount is always of great significance. There are various resources online which can assist with finding discounts for police, firefighters, EMTs and more – here we have collected our favorites as a start!

Dunham’s short story, “Come Back to Arizona,” appears in volume 2 of The Brownies’ Book (published August 1921). Her father Albert Sr. is a strict disciplinarian who sets stringent rules of behavior and punishes infractions with physical punishments. As a result, the family relocates to Joliet, Illinois, where their stepmother provides a more positive environment.

The Dunham Company presents a program of West Indian dances at the Young Men’s Hebrew Association on Ninety-second Street in New York City, featuring Edna Guy, Alison Burroughs, Clarence Yates and Asadata Dafora. Also featured is Talley Beatty in Tropic Death; later that year they also premiered Rara Tonga; an early work which would later form part of Rara Tonga – all presented as independent pieces. In Germany Dunham appeared with her company on German television special Karibische Rhythmen where her company premiered Choros 1&4, Suite of West Indian dances that was then joined as independent work in Rara Tonga; that year they premiered Rara Tonga; Rara Tonga would eventually form one complete work that year!

Liberty University provides a First Responder Scholarship for students employed or volunteering in areas like law enforcement, emergency services, fire safety and rescue work, TSA screening agents or Civil Air Patrol senior members. In order to qualify for this scholarship opportunity and others available for service members and their families. Click here for more details!