Enso Rings US Offers First Responder Discount

enso rings first responder discount

Enso is a circle that stands for strength, unity, enlightenment, single-mindedness, personal development and cooperation – values which Enso rings embody. Made from durable silicone material for maximum functionality they can withstand almost anything without cracking.

Enso Rings US offers first responder discounts to their customers. Access is granted after answering some questions and verifying identities; this discount applies to law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and others in similar professions.

This company offers rings in an assortment of colors, materials and designs, such as stackable styles that can be worn alone or together; thin and halo rings designed to stand alone as standalone rings; Elements Legends Birthstone Ultralite collections all hypoallergenic nonconductive and heat-resistant while featuring exclusive sheen finishes.

The company also offers an easy and simple Refer a Friend program, giving both of you a discount upon making your first purchase together. In addition, the site features an open return and exchange policy as well as a FAQ page to answer any additional inquiries or provide more details on any products available or to inquire further about. If interested, there’s also the Give $5, Get $5 Referral program which gives both of you an opportunity to take advantage of earning discounts when both make their initial purchases together. Finally, sign up for their mailing list so as to stay abreast of latest product updates or announcements!