Figs Offers First Responder Discount Scrubs

figs first responder discount

Figs is an LA-based company founded in 2013 that manufactures scrubs and medical apparel as well as activewear and sneakers, boasting annual revenue exceeding $100 Million with over 60,000 customers.

Greycroft Partners was one of the pioneering venture capital firms, providing it with top-tier investors that include its founders. Since its start-up, Trina Spear’s products have proven profitable and represent an appealing alternative to large scrub companies that manufacture inexpensive goods in Asia with little concern for user experience (think itchy fabrics that shrink over time and accumulate lint).

FIGS’ FIONx fabric technology creates comfortable scrubs that feel like athletic gear. Their breathable, moisture-wicking fabric and anti-odor and stain repellent coating offer four-way stretch with multiple colors and styles available. Furthermore, FIGS provides uniforms designed specifically to protect first responders and medical professionals who work outdoors that feature antimicrobial, fluid-repellant properties and moisture wicking qualities, available in multiple sizes.

FIGS is also proud to donate scrubs through a program known as Threads for Threads to international hospitals around the world, in hopes that medical professionals feel proud and secure in their profession; having appropriate attire helps achieve this aim.

FIGS’s advertising strategy is comprehensive and prioritizes both search and social channels. They spend over 69% of their search budget on paid search with both exact-match and phrase match types used, investing heavily in YouTube ads as well as running an effective mobile app marketing program.