First Responder Discount at Hunter Mountain

hunter mountain first responder discount

First Responder Discount

Hunter Mountain is offering a 15% discount on ski and snowboard packages to members of law enforcement, fire, and paramedic communities. That means you’ll save $5 per month when booking with this exclusive first responder discount!
According to the National Ski Areas Association, 37 skiers and snowboarders died on American slopes in 2018. Many of these fatalities were due to collisions with other skiers, trees, or manmade objects.
This weekend at Hunter Mountain, a woman tragically died while skiing the new Twilight Trail. Gerry Tschinkel of Hunter Mountain confirmed to The Daily Freeman that this visitor was an avid skier.

At Hunter mountain, skiers have died on the Rips Return Trail before opening Hunter North in December 2018. These deaths highlight the potential danger that skiers encounter while skiing these trails and should serve as a cautionary tale to those visiting the mountain.