First Responder Discount at Mathews Archery

mathews archery first responder discount

Mathews Archery Offers First Responder Discount

As a way of showing our appreciation to the brave men and women who protect us, Mathews offers an exclusive first responder discount for eligible police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and veterans – available both online and in store. This special offer is valid both online and in store.

Get a Bow You Can Hunt With Confidence

Mathews, the leader in archery innovation, brings reliable bow performance to every hunting experience. Their bows are engineered for smooth draws with power and accuracy so you can take down your trophy with ease. Plus, their innovative dampening technology minimizes vibration and noise so you stay concealed during each hunt.

Mathews’ Phase 4 compound bow is one of their quietest ever designed. It boasts a new limb design with rubber dampeners in the middle of each limb for added comfort and quiet performance.

This new dampening technology is a major reason for its quiet operation. Other key features include an Integrate arrow rest mount, SwitchWeight Mod, Stay Afield System (portable bow press), and Bridgelock sight and stabilizer mount.

Mathews’ Era bow is his most precise to date, boasting an acceleration impulse measured at 12.5 m/s2 and averaging 75.9 dBa, compared to Phase 4’s 16.9 m/s2 and Mach 34’s 24.7 dBa.