First Responder Discount at Speedway Gas Stations

speedway gas station first responder discount

The application provides general information regarding Speedway locations and fuel prices at each one, the Speedy Rewards program and links and information from their websites and social media profiles. Please be aware that no representation or warranty can be given as to their accuracy and Speedway does not accept any liability associated with such information.

On Sunday evening at the Speedway gas station in West Roxbury, there was an armed robbery which saw someone steal a vehicle at gunpoint from its owner as she filled her gas tank. Police are currently looking for this individual.

Fishers police are searching for the shooter responsible in a fatal shooting at a Speedway gas station Wednesday evening, near E. 116th Street and Allisonville Road around 5 PM. Investigators allege Kaylah Farmer was followed there by her former husband before being shot 15 times while sitting inside her van with its driver parked at a pump near by.

Speedway offers an exclusive card just for first responders called the First Responder Speedy Rewards card, available free at participating convenience stores with proper ID. In addition to having its own custom design, this program also provides five cents off each gallon purchased as well as offering coffee or fountain drinks when permitted in some states. You can link your First Responder Speedy Rewards account with this special card – making it one of the best gas rewards programs out there for uniformed personnel!