First Responder Discount on a Poncho Outdoors

An essential piece of equipment on any backpacking adventure, rainy or snowy alike, is an adequate poncho. The ideal models should provide sufficient coverage while being light and compact while offering adequate ventilation to avoid overheating. They may even serve to cover sleeping bags and protect belongings from the elements.

When selecting the appropriate poncho, take into account both your body type and budget. For example, shorter people should consider purchasing one with sleeves to prevent water seepage into their arms and cause discomfort. You can also find pockets to hold first aid kits or camping essentials like sting relievers and moleskin.

Material and durability should also be a key consideration. Survival ponchos typically feature durable fabrics with tough rip-stop threads to resist wear and tear and dry quickly after being washed in cold or wet weather conditions, keeping you comfortable no matter the temperature or climate conditions. They’re waterproof, windproof and lightweight enough to be worn as an emergency shelter in any weather, while some even feature press studs for creating sleeves or linking two ponchos together into an emergency shelter structure.

When purchasing an outdoor poncho, make sure to research its return policy and shipping charges carefully before making a final purchase. Some retailers may impose minimum purchase requirements while others only ship to certain countries or states; customer reviews of any potential options should also be read prior to comparing prices and making your final decision; promo codes online or in print publications could save up to 10 percent or more off your order total!