First Responder Discount on Mountain Bikes and Gear

mountain bike first responder discount

As officers, firefighters or EMS providers ourselves, we understand your hard work is incomparable. Furthermore, equipment plays an integral part of both your job and daily life – that’s why we offer first responder discounts on mountain bikes and gear!

First responders are the go-to professionals when bike accidents or off-road mishaps arise, whether volunteering for charity rides or simply patrolling their neighborhood. Our line of rugged mountain bikes and gear will keep them focused while on duty.

As almost every manufacturer produces mountain bikes, departments often adapt regular bicycles donated or purchased directly from manufacturers into police bikes by adding “Police” labels. We recognize this industry’s need for better designs and options for officers; therefore we’ve developed several products we think can make their jobs simpler while helping them be more effective on the job.

Pedal Assist – Increase Distance and Speed on Patrol