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Flying Squirrel
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Calling all first responders! Have you heard of the⁤ amazing discount being offered by Flying Squirrel? If not, let me fill you in on ⁣this‌ incredible deal that is exclusively tailored for our brave men ‌and women working tirelessly on the frontlines. Flying Squirrel, well-known for its unique indoor trampoline and entertainment parks, is now offering ⁢a special discount for ‍first responders as a gesture‍ of appreciation for‌ their hard work and dedication. So, strap on your gear and ‍get ready for some high-flying fun at a fraction of the cost!

For those who may not ​be ‌familiar with‍ Flying⁤ Squirrel, let me give you a brief rundown.​ Flying Squirrel is ⁢not your ordinary trampoline park – it’s an exhilarating and thrilling experience‌ packed with a wide​ array of attractions for all ages. From‍ wall-to-wall trampolines perfect​ for ​bouncing around and performing gravity-defying stunts, to foam pits ‍that provide a⁣ safe landing for those daring flips and jumps,⁣ Flying Squirrel has it all. Whether you want to challenge your friends‌ in a ⁢game of dodgeball, test your agility​ on ‌the ninja ‌course, or simply have a blast with your family, Flying ⁢Squirrel guarantees a memorable and‌ action-packed adventure.

Now, let’s get to the⁤ exciting part – how can you get ‌your hands on this fantastic​ discount? Flying ⁤Squirrel wants to express their gratitude by offering first ‌responders ‌a special rate.‍ To avail of this discount, all you need to do is present a valid ID or work badge that identifies you as a first responder. This ⁤could be a⁤ badge ⁤from your police or fire department, a medical identification card, or any ⁤form of proof ⁣that confirms‌ your role as‍ a first responder. Once you’ve verified ⁤your status, you can simply purchase ​your tickets ​at the discounted price and get ready to enjoy all the trampoline fun Flying ‍Squirrel has to offer. It’s a⁢ small token of ⁤appreciation from Flying Squirrel to our amazing​ first responders ​who ⁢go above and ⁤beyond‌ to keep our​ communities safe.

So, take⁣ a break from your heroic duties, grab your friends ​or ⁢family, and head down to your⁢ nearest Flying Squirrel location. With the first responder discount, you can experience the joy of flying through the air and ‍bouncing ⁤off⁢ the walls without breaking the‍ bank.‌ Thank you, first responders, ​for all that you do – Flying Squirrel salutes you!


Q: What is the Flying Squirrel first responder discount?
A: The Flying Squirrel first responder discount is a special offer designed to express our gratitude and support for the hardworking⁢ first responders in our community. It ⁤offers a discounted‌ rate on admission to our trampoline parks as a token of appreciation for their dedication and ⁤service.

Q: Who qualifies for ⁣the first ​responder discount?
A: The discount is available ​to all active duty and retired first responders, including firefighters, police officers, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs). We honor their commitment to keeping our communities safe and want to extend this special offer to express our gratitude.

Q: How much is the discount and how can it be redeemed?
A: The⁣ discount offers a reduced admission rate‌ of 15% off regular prices for first responders. To redeem ‍the discount, eligible individuals simply‍ need to present a valid ⁢identification card⁢ or proof of​ current employment at one of⁢ our trampoline park locations. Our friendly ⁢staff will happily assist​ in processing the discount⁤ and ensuring⁢ a seamless experience.

Q: ⁣Can the first responder discount be combined with other promotions?
A: Unfortunately,⁤ the first responder discount cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions or offers. However, please rest ⁤assured that we⁤ are⁣ continuously working to provide the best deals and‍ experiences​ for all our valued customers, including first responders.

Q: Are family members of ⁣first responders eligible ‍for the discount?
A: While the primary discount is extended to first responders themselves, ​we recognize and appreciate the‌ wholehearted support provided by their families. As such, we do offer⁣ discounted rates for accompanying family members of first responders.⁤ Please check with the specific location⁤ for any​ additional details or requirements.

Q: Are there any limitations or restrictions ‍associated with ⁢the‍ first responder discount?
A: The first responder discount is subject to certain terms and conditions. It‍ may not be applicable during peak hours, special events, or on⁢ holidays. Some trampoline⁤ park locations may have specific guidelines or operating hours that ‍could impact the discount. To ensure the best experience possible, we recommend contacting your preferred Flying Squirrel location or checking our website for comprehensive information.

Q: Is the first responder discount available‍ nationwide?
A:⁢ Yes, the first responder discount is available at all Flying Squirrel trampoline park locations across the country. We are proud to extend ⁢this ⁣offer ‌to first responders in various communities and express our‌ gratitude​ for their selfless ⁣service.

Q: How long will the first ⁤responder discount ⁤be available?
A: We are committed to supporting‌ first ​responders and‌ have ⁣no plans‌ to end this discount. However,‌ promotional offers are subject to change, so ​we recommend taking advantage of this discount and checking our website or contacting ⁣your local Flying Squirrel trampoline park for the latest⁤ information.

Q: Are there any ‌other initiatives or programs​ dedicated ⁢to first responders at Flying Squirrel?
A: Absolutely! Apart from the first responder discount, Flying Squirrel‍ actively seeks opportunities to collaborate with and⁢ give back to our‍ local​ heroes. We often organize ⁤special events, fundraisers, ⁣or community programs geared towards‌ first ​responders. To stay up-to-date‍ with any upcoming initiatives, please follow our ‌social media channels,‍ visit ⁢our website, ‍or join our ​mailing list.