Get a Good Night’s Sleep With a Gravity Blanket First Responder Discount

gravity blanket first responder discount

Weighted blankets may seem like a novelty item, but they can actually help you get better quality sleep. Made with pellets of glass beads, these blankets apply pressure in ways that mimic swaddling or getting a big bear hug, helping you relax and fall asleep more quickly.

Weighted blankets can help elevate melatonin levels and increase serotonin production, helping regulate your mood. It may be particularly beneficial for those suffering from insomnia, anxiety or depression.

Weighted blankets come with plastic pellets inside, but can also be made out of many different materials and sizes to accommodate any lifestyle.

Though they may be a bit pricey, the benefits outweigh any cost. Plus, these shoes are made with high-quality fabrics which are breathable and can regulate heat effectively.

They’re an ideal option for people with allergies or asthma. Hypoallergenic blankets come in various colors and sizes, including standard, queen, and king sizes.

When washing a weighted blanket, the most important thing to remember is to follow the care instructions on its label. Ideally, use an eco-friendly detergent for this task.

First Responders Can Save 30% Off Gravity Blanket Products.

Gravity Blanket products are a lifesaver for first responders, who often face extreme stress and fatigue while on duty. To celebrate, the company is offering an exclusive discount to first responders for a limited time: 30% off all Gravity Blanket items including blankets, robes, and sleep masks.