Google Nest First Responder Discount

google nest first responder discount

As a first responder, there are multiple ways in which you can save on a Google Nest device. First, register with your state emergency or disaster agency either online or over the phone; next contact Best Buy and verify your status as first responder so they may offer you their discounted pricing either in store or online.

Discounts aren’t available across all of Google Nest devices, but some great offers can still be found for specific products like Thermostats and Cameras; we have seen some of the lowest prices ever seen for popular smart home items like this.

Notably, when purchasing products with these discounts from Google, one should keep in mind their privacy policies may require them to share your data with law enforcement in certain emergency scenarios. It was recently revealed that they will hand over video footage from their Nest cameras without warrant if necessary in some emergency scenarios – similar to Amazon’s Ring doorbell camera footage being given over for investigation of suspected crimes.

Nest Labs by Google is trying to be more transparent about government requests for customer data sharing, publishing a transparency report that lists how often such requests were made without providing further details such as the country or requests received.