Guidefitter First Responder Discount

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As a first responder, outdoor professional or full-time employee in the hunting and fishing industry, you can enjoy special discounts from top brands on gear designed specifically to protect and serve. From apparel to first aid kits and more – save big when buying gear built for the task at hand!

Guidefitter First Responder Discount

To qualify for this offer, you must be either an active Leo, Retired Leo, Firefighter or Retired Firefighter; an EMT (EMT/Paramedics/RN), 911 Dispatcher/Search & Rescue Personnel or Healthcare Professional as defined by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics who lives within the US and agree that accepting this offer complies with any and all laws, regulations, rules, ordinances, policies directives and standards regarding ethics/gift acceptance among employees of federal state/local governments who operate within which your employment.

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