Hey Dude First Responder Discount

hey dudes first responder discount

Hey Dude Shoes are a shoe company known for crafting boots, heels and sandals to meet the needs of people who work hard. Their Flex & Fold technology makes their footwear easy to store or pack into bags for travel; making Hey Dudes first responder discounts available as an additional incentive for hard workers such as students, nurses or first responders.

Hey Dude offers students a 20% discount off all products through ID-ME registration, followed by receiving an exclusive code that you can use online or at affiliated retailers.

Hey Dude’s First Responder Discount is an effort by the company to show their thanks for those who put themselves out daily to protect us all, while at the same time helping them obtain more comfortable and functional footwear that will help them excel at their jobs.

Hey Dude’s goal is to offer their employees a comfortable working experience, which is why they provide such a wide variety of footwear options for work – from high-rise boots and sandals, through flats and flatforms – there’s something suitable for everyone at Hey Dude.