How to Get a First Responder Discount

can am first responder discount

During the Coronavirus pandemic, frontline workers did their part to save lives. Now they want recognition for their hard work with discounts and deals in return.

First Responder Discount: Companies like Lululemon, Nike and Levi’s provide discounts to first responders on their products. There are also plenty of other renowned brands worth exploring.

Best of all, these offers won’t break your budget – so you can get all the gear you need at a price you can stomach.

One of the most noteworthy ads in Women’s Health magazine features lululemon activewear with a 20% discount on orders over $200. Other great benefits include free shipping and one year supply of their super soft lululemon luxe fabric.

Top runners-up: Nike’s 10% off any order, including its new Air Max vapormax collection and other performance shoes and apparel. Other worthy finalists include Levi’s 15% discount on all products, Reebok’s “Heroes Discount” and LensDirect’s complete eyewear package.

No doubt, a first responder discount is an incredible benefit, but it can be challenging to narrow your choices down to the top five brands. But you can make it simpler by doing some comparison shopping between these popular names to find the most competitive prices on gear for you and your family.

To get the lululemon best first responder discount, it’s important to shop around and do your research. Keep an eye out for deals that appear on social media channels you follow, and make sure you’re signed up for email notifications from these companies as well. Once you’ve discovered savings you can start shopping with those newly found funds!