How to Get a Muck Boots First Responder Discount

muck boots first responder discount

Muck Boots are an ideal solution for muddy season chores, duck hunting and dog park adventures. Easy to slip on and comfortable enough for extended wear periods, they make cleaning off quick and simple too – here’s how you can keep your Muck Boots looking their best.

Before beginning, make sure you have the necessary tools. Isopropyl alcohol is a must. Found in first aid kits and bathroom cabinets alike, this everyday household item quickly cleans surfaces while breaking down oils that cause dry rot. Next, apply waterproof sealant over the area you intend to repair using a toothbrush to work it into cracks or tears for 8-12 hours to allow drying time.

Care for your Muck Boots by regularly rinsing them off, which will remove chemicals such as manure, road salts and dog waste that can break down neoprene over time. Furthermore, this will keep their lining from drying out, which would otherwise become stiff and tight over time.

To receive your Muck Boots First Responder discount, log into the Muck Boot Company website. From there, select items you would like to buy and add them to your cart. When checking out, look for the white box with light green text reading “Gift card or discount code”, where you can enter your coupon code; once entered successfully a light green “Apply” button will appear underneath your list of items.