How to Get a Poncho Outdoors First Responder Discount

poncho outdoors first responder discount

When planning a camping trip, you need more than just a poncho. Make sure all the essential first responder supplies like sting reliever, sun block and moleskin are brought along so that you are prepared for any emergency that may arise.

Here are a few tips for getting an amazing discount when purchasing outdoor gear with your First Responder ID:

Signing Up For Their Email Newsletter

Many companies offer incentives to sign up for their newsletters. These may include first time purchase coupons that can be applied towards your next order, which are typically easy to locate and can save you money on your purchase.

Investigate Promotions via Social Media

Many stores advertise special offers and discounts on their social media accounts. You can easily discover what these are by searching for them on Twitter or Instagram.

Ask For a Coupon Code From Customer Support

Many times, companies will provide coupons if you reach out and explain that you would like one. This can be an excellent way to save money and it’s especially effective around special occasions like Valentine’s Day or Easter.


Retailers sometimes post information on Reddit about current sales and promotions that are available. This is an excellent way to check out any available discounts before making a final decision.

Teacher Discounts

Schools are an integral part of many people’s lives, and retailers want to show their gratitude for teachers. To show their appreciation, retailers may provide teacher discounts, exclusive deals or percentages off your total purchase as a token of their appreciation for all the hard work they do each day.