How to Save on Your Insurance As a First Responder

insurance first responder discount

As a first responder, you play an essential role in your community and as such are often recognized with discounts from insurance providers – although not all do and the amounts can vary considerably.

State Farm offers first responder discounts to firefighters, police officers and EMTs. In order to qualify, credentials must be verified at either their website or another third party source.

Your discount will depend on both your profession and where you reside; firefighters can expect anywhere from 3%-10% when providing proof of affiliation with their local fire department.

Some insurers may provide discounts for membership of certain associations, such as law enforcement. Check your insurer’s website to learn if any first responder discounts might be available.

As a first responder, other ways to save on insurance include bundling your first responder discounts with other savings opportunities, raising deductibles, decreasing coverage levels and shopping around for the best policy.

State Farm and GEICO both offer first responder discounts that could cut your premium by as much as 20%.

Rates offered through these plans tend to be the lowest available on the market; however, not all insurance providers provide them. It is advisable to shop around and compare quotes from multiple insurers before settling on one provider.

Pay-per-use car insurance provides more discounts and tailored policies, and allows you to pay both a base fee and small per-mile charges, helping lower monthly premiums. In some instances, low mileage records or membership in specific groups or schools could qualify you for discounts as well.