Huel First Responder Discount

Huel is a nutritionally complete meal replacement made of all plant-based ingredients that provides all of the protein, essential fats, carbohydrates and fibre your body requires for health. Created by James Collier BSc (Hons), an experienced registered dietitian and nutritionist who has worked with professional athletes as well as those less well off to promote better wellbeing through better health promotion programs, it contains 26 essential vitamins and minerals essential for good health.

As people don’t always have time to prepare three nutritious meals daily but still wish to maintain a healthy diet, meal prep delivery services have become increasingly popular amongst those without time for traditional cooking but still want to consume a balanced diet. This could include busy mums on school runs who require quick meals on-the-go; firefighters in between shifts requiring sustenance; or gym goers looking to hit macro targets without spending hours cooking food for themselves.

Food Powder is a powder that can be mixed with water to produce ready to drink beverages or shakes and bars to be eaten as snacks. With an oaty flavor that provides natural, wholesome taste that can be altered through adding ingredients such as berries, nuts cocoa powder or nut butter for texture or flavour alterations.

Made without artificial flavors or colours and suitable for vegetarians, it contains no gluten, soya or dairy ingredients and has low sugar and salt content, providing ample plant-based protein sources. There are various flavors to choose from including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and banana along with unflavored options that feature more neutral oaty flavors.