iRobot First Responder Discount

irobot first responder discount

iRobot stands at the forefront of robotics technology with an unparalleled line-up that includes world-renowned products like Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, Braava mop robot and Terra mowing machine. Since 1990, they have sold more than 30 million cleaning robots around the world; and since 2010 has also extended a first responder discount for police officers, firefighters, EMTs and other first responders who serve our nation – offering discounts up to 16% when purchasing any one product at once; frequently offering bundles which offer savings up to 16%; for instance combining both Roomba and Braava together can yield savings of up to 16%;

iRobot runs sales throughout the year, but their biggest discounts typically correspond with major events or holidays like Black Friday. Last year customers saw savings of up to $350 off Roombas during this year’s Black Friday sale online and in department stores alike; also, free shipping may be part of your offer at these times! Active first responders can visit iRobot policy page for information on verifying eligibility for discounts available through them.