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Jersey ‌Mike’s, the popular ⁢sub sandwich franchise, goes beyond simply‍ making⁢ delicious sandwiches. They also appreciate and ‌support ‍the brave ⁢men and ‍women ‌who serve as​ first responders. First responders, ⁤including police officers, firefighters, and paramedics, put their lives​ on ‍the line every day to keep us safe, and ⁤Jersey Mike’s wants⁤ to show their ⁣gratitude by offering a ‍special discount ⁢exclusively for these⁣ heroes.

Jersey Mike’s is renowned ‌for ⁣their fresh, high-quality ⁢ingredients and their commitment to​ making the best sub sandwiches you’ll ever taste. ⁢From ⁢their hot​ and cold subs to wraps and salads, every item on their menu is made ⁣to order with care ⁤and⁣ attention. They use fresh-baked bread, hand-sliced meats, and flavorful toppings to create a mouthwatering​ experience for their⁤ customers. With generous portion‌ sizes and customizable options, Jersey ‌Mike’s ensures that ​everyone ​can find ⁤something they’ll love.

If ⁣you are a first responder, taking advantage of‍ the discount‌ at Jersey Mike’s is⁤ simple. All you‌ need to do is show a valid ID or⁣ badge that ⁢identifies you as ‌a first responder ​when​ placing​ your order.⁢ Whether you ⁣prefer dining in, carrying out, or ordering ‍online​ or​ through their mobile app, the discount ⁢can be⁤ applied ⁢to any of these options. Simply​ mention‌ that you are ‌a first responder and present your identification, and the discount will be applied to your order. It’s Jersey Mike’s ‌way of ⁢saying “thank you” to​ those who risk their lives for⁣ our ​safety every day.


Q: What ⁤is the first​ responder discount offered by⁢ Jersey Mike’s?

A: Jersey ⁢Mike’s offers a ‌first responder discount ‌to show appreciation for the​ brave men and women who serve‌ our communities. It is⁤ a special discount​ exclusively ​available to⁣ all first responders.

Q:⁣ Who qualifies as a first responder according to ‌Jersey ​Mike’s?

A: Jersey Mike’s recognizes​ a wide range of first responders who ⁢put ​their lives on the‍ line daily. This includes firefighters,⁢ police officers, paramedics,⁢ and emergency medical technicians⁢ (EMTs).

Q: How ⁣can first responders⁣ redeem​ their discount?

A: ⁢To redeem⁣ the first responder discount,⁢ simply⁤ visit ‍your local Jersey Mike’s store and present a valid ID or ⁣badge that identifies you ⁢as​ a first responder. The ‌discount will be⁤ applied​ to your purchase at the time of ‍payment.

Q: ⁣What ⁣percentage⁢ is the discount?

A: Jersey ‌Mike’s values​ the⁤ selfless service of first responders and offers ​them a ⁢10% discount ⁤on their entire⁢ order. This discount applies to both in-store and online orders.

Q: Are there any specific guidelines or limitations for⁢ using ‌the discount?

A: While every Jersey Mike’s franchise may have slight ​variations, most ‍locations do not place any significant‍ limitations on using⁣ the first‍ responder discount. It is generally applicable to all menu items and ⁣can usually ‍be used for both dine-in and take-out orders.

Q: Are there any exclusions or restrictions on‍ the‌ discount?

A: Typically, ​the‍ first responder discount cannot be combined with any other‍ promotional offers, discounts,‍ or ⁤coupons. It may⁢ also ⁣not be valid on the purchase​ of gift cards or catering orders. However, each ​store’s specific policies may vary, so ‌it is always best to check‍ with your local Jersey Mike’s ‍for full details.

Q: Is the⁤ first responder ​discount available ‍nationwide?

A: Yes, the first responder discount is available‌ nationwide at participating Jersey Mike’s locations. ⁣However, it is important to ⁣note that not all franchise locations ‍may offer⁢ this discount. To‌ ensure ⁣availability, it ⁢is recommended to⁢ check with your local store or the official Jersey Mike’s ⁢website.

Q: Can retired ⁢first ‍responders or⁤ their⁢ family⁤ members‌ avail of this discount?

A: The first responder⁤ discount at​ Jersey Mike’s is typically ​extended to ⁢on-duty first responders. However, some locations⁢ may also extend this gratitude to retired ​first responders and their families. ⁢It ⁣is advisable to inquire directly with your local store to ‍confirm their policy ​on retired first⁢ responders and their⁢ families. ‍