Lyft First Responder Discount

Those working as first responders should save our Lyft First Responder Discount code so that it can be entered during booking of their ride. Simply input this code in the Promo Codes input box during checkout in order to be eligible for our discount offer.

As a current University of Florida student, you can take advantage of UF Safe Rides program, which offers 50% off Lyft rides. Simply open an invitation email from Lyft Business and follow its simple steps.

Once registered, your UF Safe Rides discount will automatically appear within your Lyft app in the “Promos” section for rides that meet eligibility criteria for this promotion. Discounts should appear automatically every first day of every month to eligible rides.

Send ride credits — You can now send ride credits directly from the Lyft app to friends and family in the US who have an active Lyft account! You can send ride credits directly through Lyft.

Check Your Active Promos

Use the Lyft Rewards tab to view active promotions, including their value, expiration date, and ride limit details. Some promotions are invite-only or available only temporarily – check back often to stay up-to-date!

Find Out More About Your Rating

After each ride, Lyft rates both you and the driver based on a 5-star system rating system. Your rating could influence when and if future rides are selected for you.