Massage Gun Discount – First Responder Discount

No matter if you’re an elite athlete or simply trying out your garage gym at home, a massage gun is essential for muscle recovery. These handheld devices are widely praised by professional athletes as well as serious gym rats for soothing sore muscles, increasing blood flow, and relieving soreness from previous workouts. Massage guns make an excellent way to warm-up or recover post workout, and make great gifts!

High-quality massage guns feature numerous features, such as heat and cold options, different attachments, and variable speeds. Some models even come equipped with bluetooth connectivity and come with warranties; although these might be considered costly investments for gym enthusiasts looking to facilitate muscle recovery.

Budget-minded massage gun shoppers should check out Theragun Mini. Offering all the advantages of its more expensive cousins (Theragun Prime and Elite), but at an even more manageable price point and smaller size. Perfect as an introduction massage gun with one year warranty coverage.

Hydragun offers advanced and high-performance massage gun features a powerful motor capable of producing up to 3200 percussions per minute, heat dissipation, vibration dampening and superior component longevity for superior component longevity and heat dissipation. Perfect for law enforcement officers, fire fighters and paramedics on-the-go who require efficient muscle relief and activation.