Motel 6 First Responder Discount

motel 6 first responder discount

As a first responder or nurse, there are various places you can stay for free or at a significant discount. Hotels, motels and car rental firms may provide such discounts; check out these offers to begin saving right now!

One hotel chain known for offering cheap yet clean accommodations to travelers has taken steps to show its gratitude for all that first responders, nurses, and other frontline workers do to keep us safe. By giving these workers discounts they’ve demonstrated their appreciation and are offering these special rates in return.

To take advantage of the motel 6 first responder discount, simply choose the “first responder” rate when booking online or over the phone. SheerID provides secure identity verification services which take just minutes or seconds and is fully encrypted for complete peace of mind.

Motel 6 brand, established in 1962, has over 800 locations nationwide that offer discounts of 20% or more off their rooms starting from $6 per night. They’re well known for leaving the light on for customers – just another reason their name comes from being $6 in its initial years of operation!

Washington’s Attorney General’s Office is seeking civil penalties of up to $2,000 against motel 6 workers for sharing guest names with immigration and customs enforcement agents, in violation of state unfair business practices acts and laws against discrimination based on national origin.