O’Neill First Responder Discount

oneill first responder discount

Once upon a time, O Neill first responder discounts were still fairly uncommon; now however, more companies are providing them as part of their offerings to those serving our communities. O Neill Clothing provides their own discount to police, firefighters, and emergency medical workers, while they have also partnered with organizations such as National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund in offering more discounts; such as helping family members of fallen officers.

O Neill is known for their high-quality, durable and comfortable products that offer lasting comfort. They offer an array of styles, colors and sizes to meet the needs of their customers – with regular stores as well as online outlets dedicated to purchasing their goods – which you can also take advantage of sales promotions that make these already affordable items even more accessible!

As commissioner, O’Neill worked to strengthen community policing and improve relationships between his department and minority communities that had lodged complaints of excessive arrests or brutality. At times he appeared caught between loyalties to his men and women in blue and the progressive policies adopted by de Blasio as well as progressive police reform advocates; ultimately he decided to step aside and was succeeded by former Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea, an effective change agent who has tirelessly worked toward building trust between NYPD officers and residents of his city.