Papa Johns Offers a First Responder Discount

papa johns first responder discount

Papa Johns offers first responder discounts to police officers, firefighters and EMTs as well as loyalty programs and money-saving combo deals. Customers can select their own crusts, sauces and toppings with each pizza purchased; in addition, the restaurant provides side items and desserts.

Chartwells Dining Services at UMBC has teamed up with Papa John’s in Halethorpe to offer members of the UMBC community special pricing at Papa John’s pizza store. When calling, be sure to mention UMBC’s account at 1000 Hilltop Circle as well as provide your name, direct phone number and department/organization name when placing an order.

Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter expressed concerns in August about healthcare reform’s costing his company 11-14 cents per pizza or 15-20 cents per order and, rather than cutting workers’ hours to cover this increase in expenses, decided instead to raise prices instead. This caused much outrage from consumers as well as a surge of support for Papa John’s workers’ plight.

Papa John’s pizza has long been the official sponsor of professional sports teams in certain markets. At these events, take note for discounts on meals and side dishes at Papa John’s restaurants; there may also be local offers available; check their website to stay informed of promotions in your area.