Planet Fitness Offers First Responder Discount For Students

planet fitness first responder discount

Planet fitness is offering high school students a chance to work out for free this summer.

This offer is a great way to get students to make health a priority and take advantage of the gym during the summer break, when they can’t afford the cost of membership. This program, dubbed the “High School Summer Pass,” is available through August 31.

Unlike some other gyms, Planet Fitness has a very clear pricing strategy for members. They advertise a very low monthly membership fee (just $10 a month) and the homepage boasts a simple statement of “25 C/down, $10 a month.”

While this is a nice approach, it could cause a few problems for Planet Fitness in the long run. For example, they might not be able to handle the volume of customers that these gyms typically see on a regular basis because it would overwhelm their ability to serve all members in a timely manner.

Another concern is PLNT’s willingness to price increases, which could also lead to a decline in retention. However, PLNT’s growth strategy in the past has been to target a large population that doesn’t belong to a gym, and their digital investments are likely paying off.

They are also making a strong play for luxury experiences, and it’s likely to be successful. They do have a high-end Black Card option that allows users to use tanning beds and massage services.

In addition, a Planet Fitness employee was recently credited with saving the life of a gym member who collapsed from cardiac arrest while working out at the Wilmington, Delaware location. The employee, Ian Palmer, quickly jumped into action, pulling the defibrillator and starting CPR on the man.