Princess Offers First Responder Discount

princess first responder discount

Princess is offering first responders and medical professionals the chance to save big on their next cruise vacation – up to 50% off select cruises sailing from North America through February 2022! Simply complete an online verification form. This discount applies only on standard fares – the standard rates without special packages or discounts.

This offer extends beyond nursing and medical professionals and includes other frontline workers such as police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and more. One winner will also receive a $2,500 gift card that can be applied towards any Princess cruise vacation!

As we recover from the Coronavirus pandemic, we should all express our deep appreciation to those on the frontline who helped save lives and make the world safer and better places. But now is also an opportune time to show our thanks, so here are a few ways you can show it:

If you work in first responder or medical professional communities, Princess offers you the ability to verify your status online and receive a unique discount code. Take advantage of this code to book your cruise or combine it with other promotions for even greater savings when planning the vacation of your dreams!