Progressive Offers a First Responder Discount

As a firefighter, paramedic, or police officer you make sacrifices that benefit their community that deserve recognition. Many of America’s largest car insurers recognize your service by offering first responder discounts on coverage as a small thank you gesture – some insurers even give discounts of up to 20%! To qualify for such an insurance discount simply provide proof of employment such as badge photocopy, pay stub or an official letter from your employer. Insurify can also show that bundling home and life policies together can often save money overall!

Progressive offers more ways for first responder car insurance discounts than just its first responder discounts; such as the Name Your Price tool that lets drivers customize a budget they would like to stay within, an optional deductible savings program and accident forgiveness policies which help drivers keep rates low even after filing claims.

Progressive is an appealing option for many drivers, but it is wise to do a comparison between quotes to ensure you’re receiving the best rate possible. There may also be opportunities to save with credit score discounts or bundling multiple policies together – these discounts can significantly decrease premium costs.