Prx First Responder Discount

prx first responder discount

Prx First Responder Discount is an exclusive online special offer for people working in public safety, such as police officers, fire fighters, law enforcement members, 911 dispatchers and EMTs / Paramedics. They qualify for this discount up to 30% off their orders with special coupons available exclusively for them – providing an invaluable savings opportunity in this demanding profession!

To qualify for the PRx First Responder Discount, it is necessary to verify that you are one of the individuals who qualifies. In order to do this, create a customer account with PRx Performance and fill out their questionnaire. Once verified, they will send out a coupon code so you can save money when placing orders at PRx Performance’s website. It is a great way to save on future purchases!

To use a promo code on PRx Performance’s website, copy and paste it from its list into the checkout page where there will be a “Promo Code” box – typically near the bottom but some retailers try to hide this area by scrolling down a bit – to paste into. If you’re having difficulty with finding this area, consider installing an extension such as Coupert for automatic detection and application of all available coupon codes, saving both time and effort!