Revant Optics Offers First Responder and Nurse Discounts

revant optics first responder discount

Revant Optics provides customers with special offers and discounts, such as first responder and nurse discounts that can only be redeemed with in-store purchases; to redeem these discounts you must present valid ID. Online orders can also use coupon codes to save; up to four promo codes may be combined into one order online order but the total discount cannot exceed your cart value. For even further savings visit their sales and clearance section of their website.

On the company website, you can subscribe to Revant Optics’s mailing list for exclusive coupons and special offers not available anywhere else. Join their loyalty program free and take advantage of numerous perks including one year warranties on most frames, expert frame support services, free lens replacements as well as special friends and family shopping days scheduled at certain times of the year.

Revant Optics utilizes NetSuite as its financial platform. The integrated cloud solution helps them track inventory across multiple channels and international markets while streamlining product information management and customer relationship management (CRM). Revant Optics saves many hours each week through automation in NetSuite for finance, order processing, CRM management and CRM functions – this has allowed them to grow revenues without increasing staff headcount.