Ring Doorbell Offers First Responder Discount

ring doorbell first responder discount

Ring doorbells are smart home security products that help homeowners answer the door, converse with visitors and monitor their property. It’s especially beneficial for families with elderly relatives living alone or those in high crime neighborhoods where residents might feel uneasy opening their door to strangers.

Ring’s cameras and microphones are connected to a cloud-based data storage and analysis system that enables users to monitor what’s happening in their home remotely through an app, talk with the person at the door, send and receive notifications, check on kids or pets – all with no cost during Ring Protect’s free 30-day trial subscription service available with any new Ring camera or doorbell model.

Ring has collaborated with law enforcement to launch sting operations that involve placing dummy packages on doorbell cameras and arresting suspects for package theft. Motherboard obtained documents from Hayward, CA; Aurora, CO; Albuquerque, NM; and Jersey City, NJ that detail these stings.

Amazon’s video doorbell company, Ring, has provided surveillance footage to law enforcement without obtaining either a warrant or the consent of doorbell-owners on 11 occasions this year, according to an Amazon (AMZN) letter sent to Congress on July 1. As part of their partnership with 405 local and county police departments across America, Amazon (AMZN) now works with over 390 law enforcement agencies.

Doorbell-owners who wish to maintain their privacy and prevent unauthorized entry to their home could run into issues. The Ring app offers the Neighbors feature, which enables neighbors to report suspicious activity, file crimes, and share personal wildlife encounters. This helps doorbell-owners keep control of their home.