RTIC Ultra-Light Review – First Responder Discount

rtic cooler first responder discount

RTIC was established by two Texas brothers who believed outdoor gear should be “overbuilt, not overpriced.” RTIC products bear striking resemblance to Yeti coolers in both design and performance; so much so that Yeti filed several lawsuits accusing RTIC of trademark infringement. Yet RTIC manages to offer coolers at lower costs than many competitors by manufacturing products in China directly before selling direct through its website, cutting out middlemen but without guaranteeing quick service should anything go wrong with your cooler.

For a hard cooler, the RTIC Ultra-Light is impressively light. Constructed of up to three inches thick closed-cell foam insulation, its ability to keep ice frozen is no secret. However, unlike many of the coolers I tested it does not feature a divider that doubles as cutting board or close as easily on its lid.

It was also less expensive than many of its rivals due to its use of injection molding instead of rotomolding, meaning its lighter and doesn’t suffer from structural weaknesses like some rotomolded competitors, while not offering as much durability. Plus it had great rubber latches that can easily add extra strength for opening and securing, plus none of that moisture collection nonsense that creates condensation beads during transit, making packing it with food easier without the risk of spills!