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Are you a first responder looking for quality outdoor gear? ​Look no further than⁤ Simms! With their first responder discount,⁢ Simms ⁤recognizes the tireless efforts​ of those who⁣ dedicate their ⁢lives to serving and protecting others. Whether you’re a⁤ firefighter, police ‍officer, paramedic, or in any other first responder profession, Simms offers an⁢ exclusive discount ⁤to ​help you ​gear up for your next adventure.

Simms is a renowned brand that specializes in creating high-quality outdoor gear, particularly for fishing enthusiasts. Established in 1980, Simms has built ⁤a ⁢reputation for ‌its dedication to innovation, ⁤durability, and ‌comfort.‍ From fishing waders and boots​ to jackets and‍ accessories, Simms offers a wide range of products⁣ designed for anglers of all skill levels. Their gear is crafted to‌ withstand the harshest weather conditions,⁤ ensuring that you can focus on what matters most – enjoying the great outdoors.

To access the ⁢Simms first ⁣responder discount, ⁣follow these simple steps. First, visit the Simms ⁤website and sign up for an account. As you proceed to checkout, ​under the “Discount Codes” section, choose the “First Responder Discount”⁤ option. After verifying your first responder status, you’ll be eligible for a special ‍discount on your purchase. It’s that easy! Simms recognizes the dedication and sacrifice of first responders and aims to make their premium products ⁢more accessible to those who serve their​ communities selflessly. So, gear up with Simms ‍and experience the outdoors in style!


Q: What ​is the Simms first ‌responder discount?
A: The Simms first responder discount is⁣ a special offer provided by​ Simms Fishing Products ⁤to honor and support our valued first responders. It is ⁣a way for us to express our gratitude for their selfless dedication and service‌ to our‌ communities.

Q: Who is eligible for the‌ discount?
A: The Simms ⁢first responder ⁣discount is exclusively available ​to active ⁢duty and retired first ⁤responders. This includes police ⁢officers, firefighters, ⁢paramedics, and EMTs.​ We believe it is ⁣important​ to recognize these individuals who put their​ lives on the line every‍ day to keep us safe.

Q: How much discount can first responders receive?
A: First responders can enjoy a generous discount of 20% off their​ entire‌ purchase. We‍ want⁢ to make our high-quality⁣ fishing products more accessible to those who play such a critical role ⁣in society.

Q:⁢ How can first responders redeem this discount?
A: To take advantage of the Simms first responder discount, eligible individuals can visit our website and create an account. During the ⁣account creation process, there will⁤ be an option ‍to ⁣verify ‍their first responder status. Once verified, ⁤the discount will automatically be applied to their future purchases.

Q: Can the discount⁣ be used in combination with other promotions or sales?
A: Unfortunately, the first responder discount cannot be combined with other promotions or sales. However, it‍ can be applied‍ to any regular-priced items available on our​ website.

Q: Is there any limit to⁤ the number of‍ times the discount can be used?
A: There is no limit to​ the number of times first responders can utilize the discount. Whether they need to purchase multiple items⁢ throughout the ⁤year ⁣or only occasionally, ‌they ​can enjoy the discount each ⁢time they shop with ⁢Simms. ‌

Q: How long is the discount valid?
A: The Simms​ first responder discount has no‌ expiration date. We believe in providing ongoing support ⁢and appreciation for the incredible work that first responders ⁢do, so this discount will continue to be available ‌indefinitely.

Q: Can family members of first‌ responders also avail the discount?
A: Currently, the first responder discount is only applicable ⁤to the first responders​ themselves. However, we​ deeply appreciate the support and sacrifices made by their‍ families, and we regularly offer promotions and sales to all our⁢ customers.

Q: Are there any specific products​ or categories excluded from the discount?
A: The first⁣ responder discount is ⁢applicable to all regular-priced items‌ across our entire product range. There are no specific products or categories⁤ excluded from this offer.

Q: Does Simms offer any other discounts or benefits for first⁣ responders?
A: In addition ⁢to the first responder discount, Simms frequently collaborates with various organizations and foundations ⁣to support and give⁤ back to first responders.‍ We believe in building‍ a strong community and fostering partnerships that help make a positive impact.