Spypoint First Responder Discount

Spypoint offers an exclusive first responder discount to employees of law enforcement, emergency medical agencies or courageous firefighters as a great way to show our gratitude for their hard work. Unfortunately, this discount cannot be combined with any other promotions. In order to take advantage of it, ID verification with one of Spypoint’s partner agencies must occur and then they will provide you with a special page outlining the policies related to this discount.

If you own a LINK Series camera, the referral program provides an opportunity for you to capitalize on its power by entering your referral code into the Referrals tab in your app. Referral codes remain active for 90 days after they were issued – refer more people and make more SPYDOLLARS!

The LINK series offers one of the broadest ranges of cellular trail cameras on the market, from budget minded units to advanced models with future-proof technology. Customers can select either monthly image transfer plans or save 33% and get unlimited images a year at once. No matter which plan is selected, customers can have confidence knowing that SPYPOINT cameras are programmed to connect to multiple cellular networks – even after AT&T sunsets its 3G network many LINK Series cameras will continue operating normally.