Stanley Steemer Offers First Responder Discount

stanley steemer first responder discount

Cleaning services provider Stanley Steemer has come up with a novel way of connecting with its target consumers: it has implemented a series of hilarious commercials featuring two employees known as technicians driving to service calls in a yellow van in which one chatty technician eagerly shares insights with another newcomer who seems unfamiliar with cleaning tasks. The ads, running nationally, show them discussing alpaca stain removal strategies as well as dealing with an ostrich smell; one technician even mocks an opponent carpet cleaner for failing to recognize this distinction between species by mocking them discussing how best to deal with an alpaca stain and an ostrich smell when faced with alpaca stain removal solutions as one technician knows that an alpaca differs significantly from its llama counterpart and mocks another carpet cleaner who fails in this respect!

Stanley Steemer has also adjusted its email marketing. Now it sends three emails every month containing similar promotions – two at the start and end. In between are content-rich messages like product introduction or home maintenance advice.

The company has also updated their segmentation strategy by including more customer engagement metrics as segments as well as demographic and location information. They plan to target specific customers with offers like discounted recurring cleaning or gifts for first responders; additionally they will offer discounts when signing up for their loyalty program and purchasing services from them.